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Grooving The Bell SN/BD Variations PT 2

by Bill Stuhlly

As in part 1 we’ll be using the Bell of the Ride to add accents to the 16th note grooves. The only difference is adding SN ghost notes in the rests of the ride pattern. Using the same BD patterns from PT1 they look like this:                Decarticle012.jpg
The bracket around the second SN denotes the ghost note. A ghost note is played as an UP stroke lighter than the initial SN note. It gives the grove an illusion of more notes being played. Let’s try this pattern with the rest of the BD variations.
Decarticle012.jpgdecarticle 13.jpgDecarticle014.jpg
Now we’ll add the ghost note to the first set of 16th notes:
Use the above groove with the BD variations. Make sure the groove locks into 16th and each note is precise.
In the next part we’ll add more variations with another ride pattern…Enjoy!!
Bill Stuhlly is a professional drummer in L.A Visit his band The Dirges, who have 4 songs featured in the movie “The Boondock Saints 2 All Saints Day” in theaters NOW!

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